Five Online Coaching Benefits

Five Online Personal Training Benefits
Five Online Personal Training Benefits

Do you prefer to work out on your own or avoid the gym whenever possible? Are you in need of fitness guidance or advice, but don’t know how to get it! Then you should consider online personal training/online coaching to help you!

Not sure how online personal training/online coaching works, or how an online trainer could help you achieve your fitness goals? In this article, we’re covering the basics and benefits of online coaching.

So you can decide if hiring one is the best way to achieve your fitness goals.

How Does Online Coaching Work?

Online personal training programs differ by app and provider, but there are some basic components they all share. Most serve as a platform for you to pick and choose from a roster of diverse coaches with specialized skill sets. These experts can create customized workout plans for you that take your goals and individual needs into account.

Some online fitness programs also work like a direct-to-consumer training model. If you subscribe to their program or service, you unlock access to a variety of customizable exercises, reps, and set programs that can help you achieve a specific fitness goal. This usually includes videos of how to do the exercises as well and may even have nutrition tips and advice.

At the end of the day, an online personal trainer isn’t all that different from the one you’d meet at a gym. They serve as a source of guidance and inspiration, showing you the ropes and cheering you on as you chase your fitness goal. They’ll regularly check in on your progress, make adjustments where needed, and field any questions you have as you go.

5 Benefits to Expect When Working with an Online Personal Trainer

There are many reasons why people turn to personal trainers. They can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, create custom training plans, and show you the techniques needed to work out safely and effectively. But not everyone has the time, or the money needed to work with a coach one-on-one or in an expensive gym.

That’s why they often turn to online personal training. So, they can get the fitness guidance they need on their own terms.

Still not sold on the idea of an online personal trainer? We’re here to change that! Here are 5 amazing benefits you can look forward to when you sign up for online personal training.

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Personal training at a gym can be quite expensive—especially if the gym requires you to sign up for a membership on top of the training. And they almost always do. Which means you could ultimately end up paying more than double what you would for online personal training.

By hiring an online personal trainer, you can get the fitness guidance you need without the operational overhead. You can also cut out any commuting costs by doing your workouts from home.


Working out in your living room can be incredibly convenient. But it can also be challenging to convince yourself to actually commit without an actual gym or trainer around you.

That’s where an online personal trainer comes in! They can hold you accountable from home and convince you to actually complete your exercises. And they can do so in a motivational and inspiring way!

Online personal training also provides you with the flexibility to do workouts on your own terms. You can do all of the exercises in your own space and at your own pace.


An online personal trainer also means you don’t have to work around some trainer’s schedule or find times to cram in sessions before, during, or after work. This flexibility means you won’t have to potentially cancel a training session last minute, which is generally non-refundable and quite costly.

Just open your app whenever you’re ready to do your workout. This also makes it easy to do workouts with a friend if you both have similar fitness goals

Easy to Access Results

If it’s online, it’s trackable. With an online personal trainer, you can easily look back at your past workouts and see the progress you’re making. You can check off personal records, log reps, and other workout stats, and follow your progression.

An online personal trainer can also track these things, so you can guarantee you’ll always be on the same page. They’ll check in on you if a workout didn’t go well and can easily adjust your plan if need be.

Online personal trainers are also aware of the best fitness tracking apps like MyFitnessPal and Pacer. These apps are great at tracking a myriad of things, whether they be runs or daily nutrition goals. These apps can help keep you organised and on track as you follow your fitness path.

Nutrition Advice

When it comes to fitness, diet is half the battle. You’ll never see results if you don’t eat right. Which can be hard to do if you have limited nutritional knowledge.

Most online trainers are nutritional experts. They can tell you the foods you should be eating and avoiding, and the number of calories you should aim to consume. This information is essential for achieving your fitness goal—whether it’s losing weight or putting on muscle mass.


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