About us

All about us – We are constantly striving for perfection in everything we do – refining our methodologies to give clients the absolute maximum efficiency and ‘bang for the buck’ from their training.

We are not there to be your friend – we are there to keep you accountable and to help you achieve the life-changing results you want.

What makes us different to other personal training businesses?

About us

What We Strive to Achieve

Since opening, our goal has always been to deliver results. We want every client to achieve maximum results in minimum time, and get real return on their investment.

Too often sales and numbers are the dominant factor driving personal trainers, and we think clients should expect more. We never upsell we strive for maximum results.

We eat, sleep and breathe health and fitness, indeed we learn from the best of the best and create the most effective method of personal training in whatever form that takes.

What Makes Us Different

Our culture sets us apart. It’s the key to our success. What’s their secret? Talking the talk and walking the walk.

Armchair experts abound in the world of fitness, but our trainers are the real deal. Highly qualified and great trainers in equal measure. All of our trainers continue to undertake further study to this date to ensure that both they, and we, are always leading the industry.

We love what we do, so we continuously learn and train to be better tomorrow than we are today. After all, if we can’t train ourselves, how can we expect to train anyone else?

How We Stay Motivated

We are naturally driven by the satisfaction that comes from helping someone to achieve their goals – whether they are an elite athlete or a middle-aged office worker.

As far as we are concerned, anyone can jump-start positive change in their life and improve their body. And because of this, we will move heaven and Earth to ensure that each and every person leaves feeling healthier, happier and more confident.

If you have made it this far, our passion for personal training should be evident. This is the level of motivation and drive you should be looking for in a personal trainer.

Experience the unique Health and Fitness Over 40 philosophy for yourself by getting in touch using the form below. This is everything about us.