Jeff Nippard

Jeff Nippard – YouTube


Hello everyone! I’m a Canadian natural pro bodybuilder and internationally-qualified powerlifter with a BSc in biochemistry/chemistry and a passion for science. This channel is dedicated to providing science-based training and nutrition information and journaling my own fitness journey. I’ve been training for 15 years. I hope you enjoy my videos!


ATHLEAN-X™ – YouTube


Welcome to ATHLEAN-X™ on YouTube! This is where you can find all the latest FREE workouts, nutrition and training advice to get you on your way to a healthy, leaner, more muscular, athletic body by training like an athlete.

Learn from the physical therapist and strength coach Jeff Cavaliere, exactly what he does with his professional athlete and celebrity clients. Put the science back in strength to build muscle, keep your muscles and joints healthy and to improve your overall athleticism.

If you want to look like an athlete…you’ve got to train like an athlete! Now you can with the ATHLEAN-X™ workouts here on YouTube!

Send Pro Athlete / Celebrity Training Requests to:

Rules of Conduct: This channel is for those looking to learn. Period. No racism/hate speech. No inciting/spreading drama. No advertising or self-promotion of any kind.

Squat University

Squat University – YouTube


Squat University is the ultimate guide to realizing the strength to which the body is capable of. The goal with each and every video is to help you move better in the gym (and in life) decrease your body’s aches and pains & help you reach your true athletic potential!

Dr. Aaron Horschig is the founder of A physical therapist, coach, speaker, and author of ‘The Squat Bible’, works with athletes of all competitive levels and backgrounds get out of pain & find their true strength.

Renaissance Periodization

Renaissance Periodization – YouTube


Renaissance Periodization was founded with the understanding that science is the surest path to the truth, and in this field, to results. Our approach is the rigorous application of scientific principles to nutrition and training. Everything we do is built on a foundation of peer-reviewed literature and experimentally-confirmed theory. At Renaissance, formulas, calculations, and literature reviews replace gurus, hunches, and attachments to tradition.

Countless hours of research and development have been put into every product and service we offer, and all of our products and services are constantly updated to integrate the accumulation and refinement of knowledge in the scientific community.

We have been featured on Forbes, Men’s Health, Shape and many more top publications around the world! We have helped hundreds of thousands of clients around the world reach their goal.

Shredded Sport Science

Shredded Sports Science – YouTube


Comedy. Social Media Satire.

This is Shredded Sports Science by James Linker I hold multiple academic Sports Science Degrees, additional fitness certifications and endless Dad jokes.

Exercise Science Videos This channel does not give specific lifting tutorials or specific programs to follow. This channel presents scientific evidence based information in an analytical manner that you must think critically about. Giving benefits and disadvantages for certain fitness concepts that you may apply or not. I do not tell you what you ‘must’ do.

Comedy Videos Any comedy videos concern the information of a person. My intention is to dispel myths, educate this community and make people laugh, not to direct traffic towards another channel. Thank you